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Welcome to Cuisine 76 and Bar

Mediterranean Restaurant • Full Bar • Outdoor Hookah • Cafe

🌟 Join us May 22nd, from 5 to 10 for our Riverside Soirée featuring "Singles and Mingling"

Join us May 22nd, from 5 to 10 pM for our Riverside Soirée featuring "Singles and Mingling"

Taste Love, Sip Magic, Enjoy Cozy Vibes

Only at Cuisine 76 and Bar, where Mediterranean Flavors Unveil

Our mission is to create an experience where you -Taste our delicious crafted food made with love – Sip magical full bar drinks, mocktails, turkish coffee & herbal tea. Enjoy cozy cool atmosphere, complete with a charming Mediterranean garden outdoor patio, where we offer special selections of exculsive hookah. Smoking is not allowed in our amazing indoor dining area. At Cuisine 76 and Bar, we mix elegance with a laid-back vibe. It’s more than just a restaurant; it’s a place to unwind, enjoy life, and make the most of every moment.

Cozy Interior and Great Service

Imagine an oasis of warmth and comfort right in the heart of the city. Step inside Cuisine 76 and Bar and be welcomed by our cozy interior and friendly staff. Our restaurant exudes a cozy vibe, making it a perfect retreat to unwind after a bustling day. The elevated yet inviting atmosphere makes every meal an experience to be savored.
We believe that an exceptional dining experience is about more than just great food. From the moment you step in to your last bite, we aim to make you feel valued and taken care of. Our eatery offers a warm, inviting ambiance, perfect for a quiet dinner or celebration with friends. Our attentive staff will ensure you receive great service, making your dining experience a pleasant one.

Fresh Herbs and Ingredients

At Cuisine 76 and Bar, we believe that the quality of food is intrinsically linked to the quality of ingredients. We pride ourselves on using fresh herbs and ingredients in all our dishes. The aroma of rosemary, thyme, and mint pervades our kitchen, ensuring each dish offers a unique culinary experience that delights the senses.

Taste Our New Zealand Lamb Delight

Try our tasty lamb dish. it Is tender, seasoned with flavorful herbs and spices for a delicious dining experience

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Elevate Your Dining Experience at Cuisine 76 and Bar

Choosing a restaurant is never easy, especially when you’re looking for a balance of mouthwatering food, soothing ambiance, and thoughtful service. Cuisine 76 and Bar – a hidden gem serving authentic Mediterranean cuisine in a cozy and elevated atmosphere.

Taste Our Dessert Dreams

Treat yourself to our delicious desserts after your Mediterranean meal. Each bite is a sweet story just for you.

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Authentic Mediterranean Food

Experience the rich culinary traditions of the Mediterranean at Cuisine 76 and Bar. Our menu features classics from across the region, each dish prepared using traditional methods and authentic flavors. From creamy hummus to savory kebabs, our dishes encapsulate the true essence of Mediterranean cuisine.

Savor Freshness in Every Bite

Mediterranean Salad, where vibrant flavors dance in harmony

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Delicious Homemade Fresh Sauces and Spreads

Our sauces are prepared in-house, using authentic recipes and the freshest ingredients. These vibrant and flavorful sauces like the garlic sauce and taztiki on our scrumptious sandwiches and appetizers such as our Maza sampler are the secret behind the unforgettable taste of our Mediterranean dishes. Drizzled, dipped, or poured – our sauces add an extra layer of flavor that will have you coming back for more.

Enjoy Creamy Chicken Vol-au-vent

Creamy Chicken VolAu-Vent is prepared with exotic spices

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Best Restaurant for Dinner in Riverside and 5 Points

Welcome to Riverside and 5 Points, your cozy corner in the city, providing exquisite dishes. Every dish is fresh and cooked from scratch. Indulge in our expertly crafted drinks. Enjoy time with your friends and family, and delight your senses!!!

Delicious Chicken Shawarma

Grilled chicken wrapped in pita bread with flavorful spices. A treat for your taste buds!

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Outdoor Patio Seating and Hookah Lounge

Embrace the outdoor dining experience at our patio seating area. Whether you’re enjoying a meal under the stars or relaxing in our outdoor Hookah lounge, our patio seating offers a unique dining experience. Enjoy the open-air atmosphere while delighting in our authentic Mediterranean dishes.

Unwind With Hookah On Our Patio

Explore our diverse range of hookah options, from classic to unique flavors, catering to every taste.

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Full Bar & happy hour

Come by & enjoy our daily Happy Hour 5-7 pm

Signature Cocktails

Wines, beers & variety of premium liquors.

Daily Wine Specials

$25 Bottomless Mimosas

Bloody Mary & Sangria Pitchers

$45 charcuterie board & 2 glasses of any wine

$60 charcuterie board & 4 glasses of any wine

Wind Down Wednesdays

Enjoy 15% off bottles of Wines! 

Check out our wine glasses & charcuterie board specials! 

Cool Vibe Thursdays

Enjoy 15% off bottles of Wines! 

Check out our wine glasses & charcuterie board specials! 

Late Night Life

Join us Friday and Saturday night 10 PM-12 AM.

We have music, drinks, food, and Hookah, we look forward to seeing you!

🥃🍷 Exciting Tasting Events Coming Soon! 🍻🍾 Get ready for an unforgettable midweek treat at Cuisine76 and bar! 🌟

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